Thursday, April 27, 2006


There might be sock knitting today at lunch time. I am planning to go with another knitter whose garage sale I totally interrupted last weekend to stand around her bedroom and fondle her yarn and talk about local yarn shops. She even lent me At Knit's End. This knitter is so sweet and I am sad that we will both be moving away from this town so soon. We've never knit together, and this makes me even more motivated to find a knitting/crochet community in Hollywood,FL when I get there. (Except that she pointed out the pattern for cupcakes in One Skein and said, "This is what gives knitters a bad reputation!" I, uh, still want to make those cupcakes. I might crochet something similar from this site

We've been planning this all week and now we are both having car trouble. Hers is in the shop for tranny work and mine is in my driveway, waiting for me to take the alternator out. Yes, I will fix my own car. Unless Pete comes to rescue me. But I won't ask him this time. I mean, it's just two bolts and a wire. Where's my socket set? Hopefully there will be photos of that adventure.

**Edited to add, we're not going. I can't leave the office for the half day following lunch. My knitter friend doesn't have her car back. Maybe we'll go tomorrow if I can wash the grease off myself in time to knit and then have my massage. (It was a gift from the therapist who visits our office, and boy do I need it!)

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