Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wherein our heroine saves herself (a ton of money)

I changed the alternator in my car this week. I will take all of the credit for this automotive transformation, but I must say that my boyfriend started that last bolt, and my neighbor finished it off. I made them both cookies after I got the replacement part and installed it all by myself.

The chocolate chip recipe is a big hit. Thanks Alton Brown. There was a really bad photo of my cookies that I wanted to post. But it was very bad. They are chewy. The cookies.

Travelling back in time, I learned three new cast ons at the yarn store on Friday. One of the ladies asked who taught me how to cast on, and it was my great grandmother. She said, "and where is your great grandmother now?" My response, "Dead, but it wasn't from casting on this way." Nobody laughed. So I practiced the new casting on. We had gone to learn about socks, but since I was remedial and my friend lost interest in socks and decided she wanted to make a tank top out of mercerized (am I right?) cotton in purple and pink, we bought yarn. Ok, my friend bought yarn (hey, friend, is it ok if I use your name in here? It's a little tedious trying to find clever ways to euphamize "this other person who knits") and I was so impressed at the process of another person winding a hank into balls of yarn, as a kindness, that I suddenly needed yarn. So I bought some for all of the mothers' day presents I will be making. For my sisters, my godmother, my aunt, and my boyfriend's mother. (Hey boyfriend, can I use your name here, too?)

Progress on the House of Blue Leaves Scarf. This is a picture from last Saturday at the cardboard regatta, it's probably at least ten inches long now. maybe more. I haven't measured it.


lori said...

(I just came across your blog from Craftster. Hi!)

Wow! I'm impressed. I always wished I had learned a little something about car maintenance. (I guess I still could/should...)

The comment about your great-grandmother and casting on made me laugh hard/suddenly enough to spit my coffee a little. I like the way the cascading leaves looks in the blue alpaca!

katiedid said...

I like the House of Blue Leaves name (and the scarf!) The first time I read it I read "House of Blues Leave". Ahem.

starburn said...

wow, chocolate chip cookies, knitting, AND car repair! a True Maveric!