Friday, June 09, 2006

This is the next sock

I wound this ball by hand. The colors show up pretty accuraly on my monitor. Never again, unless I can find a person to hold the hank. Or, more likely, not until I finish this sock and it comes time to start Nick's second sock. I will have to wind that ball. Nick is at the store getting the materials for a nice salsa. While he's out, I've taken liberties with his camera and can show you my cats. They no longer have any pride.

Here, Mable wears the aforementioned sock. There is nothing more to say about this. She was already awake, so I don't feel bad about, you know, torturing her.

Next, we have John, in her pose as napping champion of the world. She is, really, quite the champ, and no one outnaps her. John will sometimes open an eye while I tell her to, "Get down!" but she really isn't listening. She moves her paw over her eyes and exposed ear at the same time to prove that she cannot be moved to action.

The colors in the sock really aren't that bright. It's more like an army camoflauge outfit with an equal amount of pink thrown in for fun. Nick's sock didn't pool one bit. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to say the same of this colorway (the vera) as well, but I get nervous when I see some of the colors matching up for five or so stitches on two rows.

Now, for the moving content, mostly unrelated to knitting:

The boxes are more unpacked.

I've had some interviews, two at the same practice with a staff lunch scheduled for Tuesday, and some others. I'm very impressed by the long interview office, and would work there without hesitation except I would have a 40 minute commute each way. Also the doctor at that practice suggested that I might knit him some socks. I don't have a stock response (it's really not polite to say, "No way in hell, mister") so I didn't respond.

I finally got my first piece of forwarded mail, an issue of Jane Magazine.

There are some pretty good places to eat nearby, but we feel mocked by our local Publix, which belongs in a slum. We drive two miles to a nicer one and only walk to the near one for, you know, emergency type stuff.

I made brownies that were very good. Do not ask about the Andes' chocolate chip cookies or the coconut chocolate chip kisses. The recipe for the latter will be thrown away.

Finally, someone asked to me to take a trip and do some visiting. I fear I had initially hurt some feelings in my declining, and was sad that there will be no airplane in my near future. I don't think he reads the blog, but either way, we've discussed it and he understands that now is not the time, and I can't generally travel with three days notice. So maybe some other time, soonish.

Tomorrow I will donate platelets here at the local blood bank. It takes 90 minutes, but otherwise they have to separate 8 or more whole blood donations to get an equal amount of platelets.

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I'm loving the kitty in the sock! It's my theory that someone should try to make socks for a cat.